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About us

About Us

Meet Dora Moving, your new go-to moving crew, bringing fresh vibes from major American metropolises straight to the heart of Macedonia. Since launching as Dora House Service in 2019, we’ve been anything but your ordinary moving company. Our founder brought us this cool concept from the USA – a move that is not only a necessary service, but also a smooth experience.

Forget the stress, countless lists and packing strategies you do at 3 in the morning. We’re here to show that moving can be just as exciting as discovering new places. With Dora Moving, you get a mix of next-level professionalism and first-class care that ensures that your items arrive at their new location as quickly and safely as your messages reached us.
Our team? They are superheroes without fears. Trained, ready and with an attitude that makes every step of your move more painless. Neat packages, fancy transport equipment and skills passed down from one generation of professionals to the next – that’s our way of playing.
So, if you are looking for a team that will make your move more carefree, more cheerful and far from the standard monotony, Dora Moving is here for you. Let your next adventure begin with style and ease. Give yourself the gift of a flawless move and step with us towards your next chapter, written with new easy steps.

Let’s move & groove!

No matter the difficulties along the way, we will get the job done.
When we say 3 o’clock, it means 3 o’clock.
Our team protects everything before moving so there are no unpleasant surprises upon arrival at the destination.
Time is money and no one wants the move to last for days. That’s why we would rather have 10 people work on a project for 4 hours, rather than 2 people for 3 days.
There is an easy way to do things and there is a hard way. We choose to invest in equipment so we can take the easy way out, not only to get the job done faster, but also to protect our team.
People about us

Секоја чест на професионалноста, брзината и организираноста во процесот на нашата селидба. Она што мислевме дека ќе биде комплицирано, испадна лесно и едноставно поради тимот на Дора!

B. Mirkova Natasha

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Супер позитивен впечаток за Dora Moving – компанија која нуди преселба на домови, монтажа / демонтажа и складирање. Секоја чест за сериозноста, професионалноста и постапување согласно договореното.

Borche Lazarov

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The best moving company in Macedonia!
Thank you for everything, will recomend to anybody who needs fast and proffesional movers this is it.

Anastasija Novevska

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