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30x40x40 box (binders – books)


60x40x30 box (dishes, shoes, furniture)


100x80x80 box (clothing, bedding, etc.)


Wardrobe box




Bubble wrap

60ден. 1m.

Stretch film


Roll paper (dish protection)


Sale of Packaging Materials

For those who prefer a DIY approach to moving or simply need quality packing materials, Dora Moving offers a wide range of options. From strong cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes, to stretch and bubble wrap, we’re here to provide you with everything you need to protect your possessions during your move.
Our packaging materials are carefully selected to provide maximum protection for your items. Whether you’re packing fragile glassware or heavy books, our supply of materials is designed to meet all your packaging needs.
With Dora Moving, everything you need for a successful, safe and efficient move is at your fingertips. Our goal is to provide a complete moving solution that includes not only transportation and storage, but also all the necessary materials and services to make your move as pleasant as possible. With Dora Moving, you are in good hands.
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