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Price list

Price list

In moving, there is no tabular price list or any price according to the square footage of the apartment, the number of tours or workers, each move is a story in itself. One apartment is on the 5th floor without an elevator, another is on the ground floor, there is an apartment on the 10th floor with an elevator, but it is possible that it cannot fit half of the things in the elevator, or a building with poor access for a truck. Dora Moving offers a fair and optimal solution where you will find out the exact price for the requested moving service. We conduct a free on-site inspection by our experts to get the most realistic offer possible, or by sending pictures of the moving inventory on Viber, WhatsApp or Email.

Main factors for price formation:

• Correct amount of inventory?
• From where to where are your things transferred?
• If it is a building from which to which floor?
• What elevator do the buildings have?
• Is there a need for disassembly and assembly of a closet, bedroom, kitchen, shelves, etc.?

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