Dora Lift

Load capacity: 350 kg
Maximum height: (6th or 7th floor)
At Dora Moving, we understand the challenges that come with moving large and bulky furniture to higher floors in buildings with limited access. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our exclusive solution – the Dora Lift.
Specially designed for movers, the Dora lift is a game-changer, providing a seamless vertical transport experience for items like sofas, furniture and more, even in spaces where existing lifts or stairs pose limitations.
Specialized vertical transport: The Dora lift is designed for vertical transport, allowing our expert movers to efficiently carry large and heavy items to higher floors where existing building lifts or stairs may not be feasible.
Compact and manoeuvrable: Our Dora lift is compact and highly manoeuvrable, making it ideal for navigating narrow corridors and tight spaces in buildings. Its design allows for flexibility, ensuring that even the most challenging locations can be easily accessed.
Adjustable for different items: Whether it’s oversized sofas, large pieces of furniture or other items, the dora lift can be adjusted to handle different loads.
Efficient and time-saving: Dora lift is a time-saving solution that improves the efficiency of your move. Our experienced team can quickly and safely transport items to higher floors, reducing overall moving time and minimizing disruption to your schedule.
Why Choose Dora Lift? Specialized Vertical Transport: Dora Lift is suited to the unique challenges of moving large objects to higher floors.