Packaging and Protection

Welcome to the new era of packaging – where every item you own is not only packed, but also respected and protected as it deserves. Dora Moving takes packing to a whole new level, with specialized boxes and materials designed to keep your memories and precious moments in your everyday items safe.
Our boxes are not just ordinary boxes; they are your little fortresses, made to preserve the integrity of everything from the finest glassware to your favorite furniture. By using stretch films, bubble wrap and special protective materials, each item is individually protected, ensuring that even the most delicate items will arrive intact.
Our packing service also includes detailed labeling and packing list creation, which ensures that the unpacking of your belongings will be as organized and efficient as the packing itself. From fragile works of art to your everyday necessities, everything will be carefully packed and ready for transport with a unique approach that puts your peace of mind first.
By choosing Dora Moving for your packaging and protection, you are choosing a partner who understands that every item you own has its own story and meaning. We’re here to ensure those stories continue smoothly and safely in your new home.